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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Godparents Make the Best Friends and Relatives

When it came time to chose godparents for my daughter I gave it careful thought. I wanted her to have two godparents and wanted them to be people she could always turn to as I had a sense -- correct I might add -- that my daughter and I would fight often because we would be so much alike.

We do and we are.

Amy, my best friend since I was eleven, is visiting today. Mimi is camping with her father and brother. I am Jewish. I don't camp. I hotel. 

The night of Amy's arrival from Seattle we will have too much wine and laugh.

Come Sunday morning when my family returns, Mimi will jump into Amy's arms and shower her face with kisses. Amy will stare at her with wonder and joy, the same way I look at my daughter every day. I will watch the scene play out exactly as I had envisioned it seven years earlier. I can imagine it seven years from now. And years and years beyond that. 

I explained to Amy that her role wasn't just to buy gifts, but to be a second mother to Mimi. To bestow her wisdom to my daughter when she is perplexed and needs an opinion outside of her mother's. 

The same with my friend, Cally, who lives in Florida, and is an artist.  Art, besides being a rock star and a vet, appear to be Mimi's calling. When Cal calls now they talk intensely about drawing. Aunt Cal offering advice about blending colors and how to show perspective. 

My daughter is blessed to have two wonderful godmothers. I am lucky to have them as friends. For we love each other unconditionally.

It helps that both are hysterical, fun, playful, insightful and smart.

They'll always have us. And we will always have them.

By Dawn Yun 

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