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Thursday, August 28, 2008


The First Day of School -- A Success!!!

The morning began with my daughter, Mimi, telling me that she did NOT want to go to school.

As this was her first day – so far not so good.

Then she wanted to know if she could play her Nintendo DS.


A lack of enthusiasm on her part, over-screaming on mine.

We agreed to begin again.

Together we made scrambled eggs. Mimi noted the pretty color swirls of the egg and yolk.

Good, I thought. Her artistic muscle is starting to move again.

I told her she could pick out any dress and shoes she wanted. To my delight, she chose the outfit her father had wanted her to wear. It was also the dress he had bought her. I consider myself incredibly lucky in that department as he buys all her clothing.

We got to school just as the first bell sounded and made it within the classroom before the second one did. I promised Mimi she would not be late a single day this year and I plan to keep that agreement.

Her teacher shook my hand and greeted us warmly. Some of the kids yelled out her name. Big smile. Mimi was assigned a seat next to a friend from last year’s class and her table was right next to that of one of her closest friends.

More importantly, the classroom felt right. What was so correct about it was its size: small. The room was intimate. This was what a classroom should be, and should have been during her previous grades. Now she would get the attention that all students, especially young ones, need to receive.

But that is behind us: the remainder of the year is ahead.

Mimi was completely happy. I left joyful, too. As I surveyed the school lawn filled with mommies in seemingly earnest conversations, I saw that the mothers I had decided I would hit up early for play dates were deep in talk and I didn’t feel perky enough to join in.

I realized I also lacked the required joviality to attend the parents’ coffee in the auditorium.

Besides, I had errands to run, an article to write and the classroom experience was so perfect -- I didn’t want to mar it.

I’ll bring my appointment book with me tomorrow and try again. If that doesn’t work, perhaps the next day.

Though I have this sense that I may not need to be involved in my daughter’s play life at all.

She seems to be doing just fine on her own.

School is for her. It is not social time for me. I already suffered through high school once. I don’t want to have to do it a second time.

By Dawn Yun

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Love your school days posts, Dawn. I feel like I am reading chapters:)
Good luck!
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