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Thursday, July 03, 2008


You Gotta Keep Moving, Moving, Moving. . .

Turns out that writing for The Writing Mamas head honcho Dawn is not so foreboding after all.

Here I was thinking my penned thoughts on her group would be dismissed as pure drivel, but instead she gave me heads up super positive feedback. This only encourages me to write more, which is what I am in her group to do.

So why not begin with real life Mama drama?

This week is full of surprises as my twenty-five year old daughter is making a big decision to move into San Francisco with a longtime sisterly girlfriend.

I am excited for her again as she has given me many opportunities to rise to her occasions of life changes, accomplishments and edgy, fun antics with her friends.

It will give us a longer distance to bridge as being the nature lover that I am -- finding reasons to go into San Francisco just do not happen a lot.

Even though she claims I do not visit her very often where she lives now in Sausalito, she forgets to include the drop-ins at our home in Mill Valley, which we enjoy together on pretty much a weekly basis.

Thankfully we will still have our shared office days together as we divide the same two-room insurance business space. Aside from our water cooler chitchat, this move of hers could bring me to a new phase in my mindset where visits to her San Francisco haunts become inviting times for me, too.

My twenty-year old son is giving me reason to be thankfully surprised as his new apartment situation in Mill Valley is turning out to be a huge positive change to his lifestyle as a young bachelor.

It is amazing to me how he works so hard full time as a city groundskeeper and still manages to have a positive attitude about keeping our family dates intact. I find many opportunities in our regular meetings to want to mimic his relaxed emotional cues with easy going feelings of my own.

Still, he is aware of how his sister’s move to San Francisco is a huge change to our once tight-knit Marin living, so he, too, will have some adjusting to do when it comes to finding time to hang out with her.

All in all knowing how many times I wanted to live in San Francisco where the eclectic mix of energy, diversity, and cultural entertainment meets a person so much quicker than mellower Marin: my daughter’s opportunities to enrich her life will overflow.

I can only be a happy cheerleading Mama and encourage this growth period transition with smiles and hugs as I find that to be the most comforting stance.

By Cynthia Rovero


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