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Friday, June 27, 2008


Oh, Mamas Why You Mean So Much to Me

On the verge again it seems of allowing myself the freedom to use a new outlet for my creative writing.

The mood here at the Writing Mamas Salon is different than I have experienced in my past writing classes at College of Marin and the one introductory course at Book Passage by Leslie Keenan where I began my search for a glimmer of hope that my poetry could find a life outside of my own home and the "Bolinas Hearsay Newspaper."

Hearing the warm welcomes of mothers making heartfelt connections with each other and displaying a positive outlook toward having a special place to showcase their creative writing is an enormous tug at my heartstrings.

I, too, want to believe that I can find pleasure in becoming a regular member of this group.

Just having taken a quick peek at The Writing Mama Salon website, where it is possible to enter blogs and essays, is already creating a desire of mine to be able to contribute a blog or essay of substance to the site, as other members in this warm, inviting group find quality time for themselves to do.

On a side note, I am feeling another connection on a maternal level as an adoptive parent of our loving son with Guatemalan heritage. These maternal instincts come to mind, as I am privy to a conversation going on next to me between two women.

One of them is making it known her deep appreciation of Guatemalan culture through the loving part of her life that is being an adoptive mom to two wonderful Guatemalan children.

In just a matter of minutes, I Iearn more of possible writing workshops to join that take place in Guatemala through the friendly woman who sat down next to me.
It seems almost too good to be true that they chose to sit by me, so that I may find encouragement on many levels to really give The Writing Mamas Salon a whole-hearted try as so many pieces of me are yearning for an acceptance and freedom to emerge from the mostly solitary poetic writings I have been compiling and occasionally sharing with loving family members.
I have been pondering this for many months now: to be exact since January, when I joined The Writing Mamas Salon for the year.

Actually, I was fearful. Could I fit in to such an active group of moms? Yes, of course.

I, too, am a Mom and love to express myself through poetry, so why wouldn’t this group enhance my capabilities as a writer?

Well, of course, through my efforts to come to monthly meetings and take part in the many other writing options the salon offers is the only way for me to truly understand the answers to my long-pondered questions.

And, hopefully, more mama connections can evolve. My other aspiration is that luck will have a way with surprising the writer in me with a new voice just waiting to be heard and read by more than my own ears and eyes.

By Cynthia Rovero


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Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing! And best of luck with your writing dreams and aspirations. We are indeed a very warm and encouraging group of writing moms, and you will undoubtfully continue to find it helpful.
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