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Friday, April 13, 2007


It's Not TV

It had been a l-o-n-g time. Nearly one and one half years. Too long for anyone to wait,

Then, this Sunday – it was on.

I arrived home too late – and missed it.

It had to be ON DEMAND.

No Sopranos.

I’ve had a lot of tough times over the last year, but this, THIS, was wrong.

Recently, a friend lent me every episode of Absolutely Fabulous, which has always been one of my favorite shows.

Unfortunately, I found I can’t watch it anymore. It’s still brilliant. It’s that serious things have happened in my life and now I find the show too frivolous.

But The Sopranos is real. I grew up on the East Coast. While I don’t know any mobsters, I have seen enough Martin Scorsese films to feel as though I know these guys.

And there’s something else about the characters – they’re real. You have couples in love, ones that argue, dysfunctional families – reality. And I mean real reality not like recreated reality TV.

Yesterday, my husband had a quick trip to Washington, D.C. and New York. My daughter, Mimi, who has taken to referring to herself in the third person, declared,
“Dada (an artist in the making?) gone. Mimi get to sleep with Mama. Mimi likes to sleep with Mama.”

All I could picture was – a 9 p.m., bedtime after reading Bootsy Barker Bites, for the 14th consecutive night. I tried for a new book – and lost. I explained that after Mimi (staying with the third person theme) went to bed, Mama would have to leave the room so she could put on her medicine.

“But then you’ll come back and sleep with Mimi, right?”


She fell asleep sometime after 10. I put on my medicine and waited a half hour, while reading a New Yorker article about the designer Karl Lagerfeld. I got the sense we would never run in the same circles.

But now it was time for me to come full circle. I ran downstairs, pushed the On Demand button and – a repeat episode of the new Sopranos show appeared!!!!

For one hour I was no longer in my house. I was transported to 'Jersey with Tony, Carmela, Bobby, and Janice.

When the episode was over, I felt complete, too

Then, standing there on the steps was a small, pajamed figure. She was holding her Hello Kitty! pillow. "Mama supposed to be in bed with Mimi.”

My Sopranos fix in, Mama went to bed with Mimi and Hello Kitty!

By Dawn Yun

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