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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I Should Have Started Her on Thai Food When She Was Two

The 7:30 a.m. dilemma.

What to pack for my daughter’s lunch?

Mimi’s dining palette is limited. There are about five things in the universe that she will actually eat. Costco dinosaur nuggets are at the top.

She can have them every meal, every day, but I worry she’ll get bored or teased by her schoolmates.

A bean and cheese burrito is a possibility. But last week only a bit of burrito was left in its foil; then earlier this week I found an entire burrito un-foiled in her lunchbox.

Another choice is cold pizza, but really it isn’t – because we don’t have any.

Perhaps Ramen noodles? I know scraping the bottom here, but I also have a 13-year old and this is his FAVORITE food in the world, and so Mimi loves it. But there’s not even a piece of chicken floating in it. It’s hard for me to give her a main meal that lacks a remnant of protein.

Perhaps a cheese sandwich? Sometimes she’ll eat the cheese, sometimes not, but NEVER the bread. Yet, I feel compelled to sandwich the dairy between two slices.

Then there are the snacks.

A GoGurt in Strawberry Splash or Blueberry Blast, some fruit, usually apples thinly sliced. If they’re thick, they’re left uneaten.

And sometimes Trader Joe’s animal crackers. But I have to be careful. If she sees those first, she won’t eat anything else.

There are just too many cuisine options. Breastfeeding was so much easier. All the food you needed for your child was contained in your body. You didn’t have to choose flavors or textures or even colors.

I settle, as usual, on the dinosaur nuggets and stack six atop each other.

I take solace that they’re in a bright purple and yellow container with a matching lid. If nothing else -- it’s a stylish presentation.

When I unpack her Hello Kitty! lunchbox in the evening, I’ll discover if I’ve made a good food choice.

But for now there is no decision. As the clock moves toward 7:45 -- I have to wake her.

By Dawn Yun

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