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Saturday, May 16, 2009


No Time to Write When You Are a Procrastinator

dsIt’s time to write.  To schedule interviews.  To work on my book proposal.  

The kids are in preschool, though I’ll be picking them up early since Lucas is getting over a cold.  Still, I have very two fruitful hours left to work. I check my e-mail. Nothing urgent. No excuse to linger. However, I must check Facebook and become a fan of Seventh Generation and Oprah.  I read others’ status updates.  Then I update my own account about how my son convinced me to buy fluorescent blue-colored Peeps. But even Facebook, which can usually suck hours out of a day, takes just a few minutes.  I call my husband.  I’d spoken with his mom the day before, and I’d forgotten to tell him that they can’t see the Disneyland pictures on their digital picture frame, oh and that LegoLand in Denmark is open every day of the week in May when we’ll be visiting. My husband, ever the efficient engineer who rarely procrastinates, is in serious work mode, so he only utters, “OK.” The entire conversation takes less than a minute.  

This is not going well. 

None of my normally reliable stalling techniques are working today. Damn it! Now I have plenty of time to be the real-life productive writer that I'm forever complaining I never have the time to be. 

I could write a blog!

But where? 

Twitter? Facebook? MySpace? The Writing Mamas? My mothers' club newsletter? 

It's not easy being a mother today, let alone one who writes.

By Kristy Lund

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