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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Welcome 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did it happen?

How is it possible?

How did an entire year go by?

It seems like a fast-forward dream.

A sign of age? A sign of motherhood. A sign.

To do something with the time that we do have.

Everyone is dying to live, but living to die.

OMG! I said it. The “D” word.

Everybody. Quick!  R-U-N!!!

The back-story of death is life.

We are here to live.

REALLY live.

With gratitude.  With attitude.

That’s the mantra for 2009 – Attitude with Gratitude.

There is a national cleansing of sorts going on.

Difficult, but ultimately good.

A new political administration.

It will get harder before it gets better.

Perhaps our obligation is to try and do something meaningful with the time we have, but not lose ourselves in the process. Actually let's try and find ourselves.

Love others – even those who we sometimes canNOT stand. It’s OK to admit that. Because the goal is to forgive.

Often that which is most painful gifts us with our greatest growth.

That’s why it’s called “growing pains.”

New beginnings.


A new year.

For the next 365 days don’t just watch the hours fly by, spread your wings and take flight. Soar! Follow the path of your journey.

Be mesmerized by fireworks all year long. Watch vivid colors. Observe rockets that only go up part way and fade. See amazing patterns paint the sky.

Have a loving, growth-oriented, prosperous, and ab-fab new year.

Have a blast!!!

(Spirits of every taste included.)

By Dawn Yun

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