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Tuesday, January 20, 2009



It has taken an awfully long time. 

Many thought this day would never come.

When the impossible would turn to possible.

Incompetent to competent.

Discord to discourse.

There is a lovefest going on this country.

It is so long over-due.

Barack Obama is the right person at the right time.

I don't think George Bush would have ever been the right guy at any time.

While not a bad man, he represented so much that is wrong with this country. That connections, entitlement, cheating and fear could propel you to the very top.

Barack Obama represents hard work, achieving goals, being a good person, a great mate, a wonderful parent, high intellect, and even higher moral ground.

It will take much to make this country right.

After eight long, horrendous years of suffering and pain, the time has come to celebrate and to embrace the possible.

Only this time the right person will set the tone. There is probably no one better than Barack Obama to lead this country out of the darkness and toward the light. 

An historic moment. 

An important history lesson for our children.

By Dawn Yun

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