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Saturday, October 18, 2008


THIS is Something Special

Our “outdoors discovery center” at a preschool where I teach is really just a glorified playground.

Today we are all about sandbox and water play, and I am in for a special treat of pretend-tasting sand cupcakes, sand ice creams and and chocolates with mud gravy. I finally declare myself “very full” and hop to the bench to take a break from all the delicacies.

After about a minute, little Mia runs up to me holding something in her clenched fist: “Ms. Sveta, look! I brought it for you!”

I fully expect your typical sweet preschooler’s offering – a rock, a dead bug or may be a flower petal or, if I am particularly lucky, a live spider. 

Mia’s eyes are sparking with anticipation of my reaction. She looks around to make sure no one else is listening, and says, “It’s a secret!” Mia lets me peek into her fist, and I can see that it is empty. I get my ear close to her and she excitedly whispers, “It’s nothing!” I think I get it. Still a bit puzzled, I look at her expecting her to laugh at this great joke she played on me. But Mia looks completely serious, with that “you are my co-conspirator now” look on her face.

“You want it?” – she asks. I quickly nod, and she signs for me to open up my palm. She carefully opens up her fist just a bit, and slowly transfers precious nothing into my palm, helping me to close up my fingers in a firm fist.

“You can keep it!”

I promise her I will take good care of it.

A few days later, she inquires: “Do you still have our nothing?”

I whisper back, “Yes, of course!” We both smile knowingly, and I feel so proud to be a keeper of this special gift.

By Svetlana Nikitina


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