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Friday, October 31, 2008


Bring Your Children to Vote Day

The past eight years have been a nightmare seemingly without end.

In a few days, hopefully, our towns, cities, states, country, and other nations – the world will be a safer place.

However, the mistakes made by two mad, overly inept men of power will not be undone overnight. Nor in several nights or even in a few years.

But the road to healing may soon be paved.

Imagine! Stupidity can be replaced with intelligence and -- here's a word we haven't heard for some time, competence!!!!

Lives and limbs will not be lost. People will be made whole.

America will no longer be laughed at but might, just maybe, even gain a measure of respect. It’s too soon to say if our status will ever be restored.

History has been rewritten. And not in a good way.

Before there can be change there must be action.

You need to vote.

You need to vote for Obama.

You need to bring your children with you when you vote so they can see what so many of us hope will be an historic, life-changing event.

When they get older they will be reading in their history books about what is now taking place. They will be witnesses to history. To a time when their mothers and fathers said they could no longer countenance the inequities that were going on in their own country and that were being imposed on other nations.

It will be a time they will always remember.

Bring your children with you to vote.

It is not often that families get a chance to make history together.

By Dawn Yun

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great piece, great reminder

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