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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Those Zany Republicans! Will The Madness Never End?

The Democratic National Convention was such a perfectly choreographed show; admittedly, it would have been hard to surpass.

Ah, but those nutty Republicans can out Houdini Houdini! Who knew that John McCain would pull Sarah Palin as a rabbit (and rabbit she is – five kids!) out of his hat? Apparently, since the decision was made about three days ago, not he!

Could it all be any more perfect? Bare-bones credentials – “She’s been a PTA mom!” he defended. That’s so reassuring to know that all those uber-marketing kindergarten mommies everywhere who feel compelled to reshape their local PTAs nationwide now have a shot at the presidency, too!

And who says McCain isn’t for women His strategy is that all females who wanted Hillary will now jump our Democratic ship and swim against our values tide to Sarah simply because we share the same sex!

Ya gotta hand it to Johnny, if it’s one thing he knows – it’s women. He may not know how many houses he owns or what constitutes wealth – “Say, five million,” but damn if he doesn’t know ladies. (That is, when Cindy lets him speak – ouch! Cheap shot!)

And like all good Republicans, he picked a running mate for whom hypocrisy is something deeply woven into her DNA.

Sarah was quoted as saying that she did not believe in sex education or the distribution of contraceptives in school: she ONLY believed in “abstinence before marriage.”

Apparently, this is a family trait. As we all know now her daughter, Bristol – where does she come up with these names? Is this an Alaskan thing? – is five months pregnant. And she WILL be marrying – we just don’t know when – the baby’s father. Levi, the daddy, is a stud, high-school senior, and star high school hockey player. By the way, on his Facebook page, he wrote he did NOT want children.

What you might not have known is that Bristol’s mom, our VP candidate, eloped with her high school sweetheart, and their baby was born eight months later.

Do the math.

In addition, hubby had been arrested for drunken driving, and Sarah is under investigation for firing an employee because she felt he was being unfair in not arresting her ex-brother-law, who was mean to her sister.  See, family values.

My husband used to do legal work for the state of Alaska and recently contacted a friend who still does. This lawyer had nothing but kind words to say about Sarah as a person and as a businesswoman.

The fact that she knew she was carrying a child of special needs, yet still chose to have the baby, speaks volumes about her basic goodness and humanity.  And she has all those kids! She’s a true goddess!!!

She’s just not vice presidential timber. In Alaska, governors serve just a few months out of the year (a corollary to George Bush who as governor of Texas had the same breezy schedule). And we all know where that lack of experience took us.

Serving as mayor of a hamlet of less than seven-thousand isn’t skillful enough either. Sorry, neither is the PTA – not that it’s not important work!

It’s incredibly annoying that McCain –- who will say and do ANYTHING to get elected –- thinks that women are so stupid that they will vote for another female just because of her sex. Now, we know that men do that.  Hence a strong reason why Hillary lost such a tight race.

There are scores of far more experienced Republican women who would have made excellent vice presidential candidates for McCain, and possessed the gravitas to become president if something happened to him. Among them: U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota, Elaine Chao, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, and Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey.

None are Hillary and I wouldn’t switch parties based on them, but at least McCain would have given women a little credit for wanting their candidates to possess deeper experience. Instead, he pulls a Dan Quayle and picks a good-looking candidate with a flimsy resume.

Up until this point I’ve mostly avoided being catty, or in this territory, moosey -- but I DO have a very basic problem with Sarah Palin: she can’t decorate to save her life.

A bear carcass, complete with full-on head draping the back of her sofa? Someone, pul-eeze, show her some old Martha Stewart magazines. And that enormous dead crab that almost entirely covers the table in front of said sofa? Where are you supposed to put down a drink? And what do you do? Break off a leg, suck out the meat and then use it for a straw? Sarah, you are really grossing me out here.

I’m already at the gates of hell, so I’m just going to continue -- girlfriend, I dig the glasses, but please, let your hair down – literally. You need a complete makeover. And stop with the caribou burgers, already. Let go of all that hunting and outdoorsy stuff. We’re mostly soccer moms, not hockey moms. Learn the lingo. For heaven’s sake, you were on the PTA. Goggle popular mommy terms. Read up!!!

I’m unsure of many things, but I am reasonably certain of this: Obama and Biden in 2009.

It’s time for a change. And, yes, we can, and, yes, we must. Not just for our children and grandchildren, but for Sarah’s, too.

By Dawn Yun

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feisty post! it might not take the kinder route that obama took in his response, but you're probably articulating what a lot of us more liberal-minded females are feeling. thanks for having the, um, balls to post it.

Amen sister.
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