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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Snotty Mommies to Band of Brothers Mothers

What a difference a week can make.

At school.

Whereas the first few days were a high-school version of Snotty Mommies, this week was a Band of Brothers Mothers.

I met some of the most down-to-earth, sweetest, kindest, and loveliest mommies since perhaps I moved as a refugee from San Francisco to Marin.

One young mom managed to have an intriguing conversation about the baseball team she plays on, I mean with details, continuous flow, you know – a real adult conversation – while still chasing her fifteen-month old. She was totally hip and cool.

Another mother was from Norway and we shared how both our kids and their siblings have about an eight-year difference in their ages. That's not what struck me. What blew me away was her outfit. This woman was wearing a white T-shirt. In Marin. A white T-shirt!!!!! With stains! This was amazing!!!! How normal and unpretentious. How so very refreshing.

Today I had a delightful conversation with a mother whose son was in Mimi’s “genius” class last year and is in her class now. She confessed that he was labeled  "one of the slowest."

“You, too!” I exclaimed.

“You’re daughter? Really?”

I told this mommy, who I never really talked to before but who I always sensed had a pleasant countenance, how happy I am for Mimi because she seems to be enjoying school so much more.

I looked at the snotty mommies littering the schoolyard. A number are women who know me, but pretend they don’t. For fun, sometimes I just stare at them. It’s safe. I’m wearing dark glasses and a sun hat. I probably resemble JT Leroy.

As with most things in life, if you stay with what is positive, in turn that is what you attract. I enjoy talking to these new women. We’re just a bunch of moms whose kids are in the second grade.

Next week, I’m going to go all out. I’m going to AFPD -- ask for play dates for Mimi. My daughter can have them with boys as easily as she can with girls so that widens her possibilities. The trampoline and dam in our backyard probably won't hurt, either.

My greatest wish is for Mimi to grow, be happy and blossom. If I need to give her a little nudge in her friendships, then I will. She has many old friends. She needs to develop new ones who live where she does. Who go to the school she attends.

If I happen to meet people who may wind up as friends of mine, too, that would be bonus.

Life is funny. One week I’m thinking about taking my mother-in-law up on her offer to pay for half of Mimi’s private school. The next, I can’t think of a better public school for her.

It’s all different. That’s what makes life fun. It’s also what can get me down. But I find the older I get and the greater my emotions are tried, the more I just go with it. Not only do I not know what the next day will bring, often I do not know what will happen in the next hour, minute or second.

It makes life an adventure.

Of course, Mimi hasn’t started having homework assignments yet. When she does – that’s when the real adventure – or misadventure -- will begin. My husband and I have convinced her that the “coolest” people are the smartest because they can do anything.

I’m not sure she buys it. But even if she purchases a part of that belief and does fairly well at school, we’ll be happy. School isn’t just about grades; it’s about interacting with classmates, playing on the monkey bars, jumping rope.

It’s about being a kid. I hope she never loses that.

By Dawn Yun

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