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Monday, September 01, 2008


An Eater of White Foods Discovers Color!

My eleven-year old son, Nick, was one of those picky eaters. 

A white eater – left to his own devices he would eat only white bread, white rolls, potatoes sans skins, pasta and his very favorite, steamed rice. 

Most parenting books said not to make food an issue.  But my husband and I forced some concerns.  He had to eat green vegetables.  He eats a bowl of steamed broccoli almost daily and has for years.  We no longer buy white bread although I just stopped cutting the crust off the wheat bread last year.  We’ve exposed him to so many different foods because we like variety and different ethnic flavors.

But Nick held fast to his love of white -- until about six months ago.  Then he started ordering mussels, which his dad loves, but I won’t touch.  Ditto for linguini with clam sauce.  Nick seemed to relish his willingness to try new foods as much as I enjoyed this change. 

We went to France for sixteen days in June.  Our first trip as a family out of the country.  I hoped Nick would try new foods but figured cheese, baguettes, pizza, and pasta would be available.  Nick tried everything that came his way: ratatouille, crepes Suzette, tapenades, escargot, rabbit, duck confit, several types of pate, cassis gelato, stinky cheeses, and panna cotta. 

I have a picture of him digging into duck confit at a Paris bistro with a look of wonder and delight on his face.  He made a list in his journal of all the new foods he tried.   

I write this as a ray of hope for parents of white eaters. 

It gets better. 

Or sometimes it does not. 

I have a sixteen-year old nephew who lives on white dinner rolls. 

Bon appetit!

By Marianne Lonsdale 

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This gives me hope. My son rotates between three meals- chicken nuggets, meatballs, and grilled cheese. I hope someday he starts trying everything!
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