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Monday, August 11, 2008


The Day Will Come When My Children Grow Up

I am standing at the doorway of my parents’ house, next to my mother, with my daughter in my arms, and my son at my side. 

The car pulls away, taking with it my brother, his wife, my nephew and my twin nieces. 

In my peripheral view, I see my mother’s head droop.  I look at her and notice her lips tighten and her eyes begin to overflow. 

She is silent in her sadness.  

It occurs to me that this will be me someday.  Standing at my doorway, waving goodbye to my beloved children, with tears in my eyes. 

It seems impossible. 

So far away from where I am today, knee deep in diapers and discipline and dinosaurs.  It is hard to imagine my children grown up, able to prepare their own meals, do their own laundry, and manage their own lives without my husband or me. 

The day will come when, God willing, they will each find their own way and lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. 

I say to my mother, “One day it will be me, standing in my doorway, sadly waving goodbye, as my children drive off to their own lives.” 

“If you’re lucky,” she replies. 

By Jennifer Taekman

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made me tear up. give Ilene a hug for me. well done, Jen. xo. T
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