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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Fresh Flowers Bring Inspiration

What is it about fresh flowers in a vase on a dining table that makes everything in the kitchen seem so much more beautiful?

Is it the color? The arrangement? Nature?

On my weekly shopping to To-Do list fresh flowers are always listed.

I must qualify this. On sale fresh flowers. 

A vase of beauty can be filled weekly for less than four dollars.

Even with crayons, drawings, bills, my computer, and other stray matter surrounding it, all is made more balanced by the wonder that sits in the middle of the table.

My cat, Paris, is delighted as she nibbles on the flowers and leaves. I used to try and shoo her away but it made her sad. Now I let her paw and gnaw with abandon.

Family meals are made brighter knowing the centerpiece is so alive, even if the flowers are so not.

The vase the flowers sit is is a hand-blown, posh wedding gift from an old friend. That makes them even sweeter. It looks like an Impressionist painting, so many colors are within that nearly any flower matches it.

When I am stuck on a word, phrase or thought when writing, I am struck by the beauty of the flowers.

Sometimes, they are all I need for inspiration.

By Dawn Yun

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I agree with you that flowers make the different. I
also buy my own. Sometimes I buy a potted plant that is in full bloom and go home and cut off the flowers and arrange them, and plant the roots for next year. I even took Ikebana for 10 or 12 years just so I could create arrangements with very few flowers and some greens. I figure flower arranging is the one Art Form you don't have to keep and store. You just recycle it into the yard or green bin. Enjoy Ruth Scott
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