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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Bright Lights at the End of a Very Long Tunnel

What a year!

School year, that is. 

It's almost OVER!!!

Something I thought would never end.

The relentless "teacher's days" that meant I had the kids all day and frantically looked around for play dates and things for them to do. I wouldn't have minded one or two of these important skill-enhancing teacher days, but two week's worth?

Then there was that only in Marin "Ski Week" vacation annoyance.

 I. Don't. Ski.

There were too many field trips. I volunteered for every one. Rather than learning and being relaxed, I was beyond stressed as I had to care for at least one other child beside my own.

Then, there was the other side of the dark days of school: the illuminating ones. Seeing my child learn how to read, and to add and subtract. She excelled at art and music. She danced on stages and learned the intoxication of applause. She discovered the life lesson that if she studied and practiced, she would succeed, whatever the subject; whatever the pursuit. If she slacked, she would not.

I got my son the help he needed so he could excel at school, not merely get by, as the school told me it was only required to do. Dealing with school bureaucracy can be as bad as dealing with your healthcare company. But I was relentless with his school. My husband was relentless with our son. In the end, we hope his grades will reflect his high-scoring potential.

Soon, it will be one week off and then summer camp. 

At first I was in a panic wondering how I would fill that week. No longer.  Now I see it more as a vacation. We will spend time with friends, go away for a long weekend, explore what we haven't had time to do all year.

What this week between the ending of school and beginning of summer will do is bring us closer together, sans the mad, morning rush, yelling about undone homework and screaming about screaming.

Clothing will still be left on the floor and it will need to be picked up. Hmm. . . let's see. Who will be the person doing that work? The kids? No. My husband? No. The cats? No. I guess that leaves me. It always does. The everyday will not change. I suspect it will be noticed more. 

Despite what I am certain will be an insane week -- I am happily anticipating it. Spending time with the kids knowing that it will be followed by almost three months of camp -- will make our time together even sweeter.

I'm looking forward to it because they really are great kids. We really do have a lot of fun together.  I'll be sure to bring the camera to capture those Hallmark Card moments and memories.

By Dawn Yun


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