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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


At Long Last

In junior high school there were two gym teachers. One was older, big and bleached blonde. The other was a younger, shorter version of her.

When I arrived at school one day I learned both had been fired.

The reason? 

They were gay. 

It seemed incredibly wrong: an illogical injustice.

That is why it was so uplifting yesterday to find the news filled with stories of legal same-sex marriage in California.

The first couple married in San Francisco had been together for fifty years. Fifty! One of the women was 87 and in a wheelchair, yet she stood to face her long-time partner and take her vows.

The daughter of one of the newlyweds sat in the front row crying.

She never understood why she was allowed to marry the man she loved, but her mother could not wed the woman she cherished.

It is beyond comprehension why people get so freaked out by homosexuality.

To love and be loved is as basic as the sun or the sky.

What has long been so wrong has finally been made right.

Forty-eight more states to go.

By Dawn Yun


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Thank you, Dawn, for a heartfelt post. About time, people, about time!
Svetlana Nikitina
I'd love to see a "Mothers of the Brides and Grooms" campaign back in the heartland to defeat whatever backlash this wonderful progress unleashes.

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