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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Another "Dreaded" Father's Day Gift

My husband must be the most difficult person to shop for. 

He hates knick-knacks or anything without a utilitarian purpose.  The only “things” he likes are either technology-related, or camera equipment.  I can buy neither for him because he is one, an engineer, and two, a master researcher who reads hundreds of reviews and somehow is able to buy things for less than it costs to make them. 

Like our Tivos. Yes, plural. We have three.  Two currently sit next to our TV, and one is in the attic, just in case.

“Why do we have a Tivo in the attic?” I asked. 

He explained how one deal came along, which basically gave us a Tivo and one-year service for free.  Then there was an even better bargain! We somehow got paid fifty dollars, after mail-in rebates, to buy another Tivo.  These two were in addition to the Tivo we’ve had for years. As you can imagine these deals were just way too good for him to pass up.

Bargains are his obsession. 

He somehow locates super-deals on new and used items so that when he’s done using them, he’s able to sell them on Craig’s List for the same, if not more, than he paid.  Although I like to support buying less “stuff” for green reasons, it’s hard to complain about a husband’s hobby when little money is being spent, and he’s helping out with the kids and house.

Still, this makes it impossible to shop for or around him.  As he sees me ordering kids clothes online, on sale I might add, he yells out, “Don’t order until we search for coupons!”

When I gave him a digital picture frame for his birthday, he looked worried, and asked, “You didn’t pay full price, did you?”

I’ve given up trying to buy him things. This is probably better for everyone. There are only so many golf ball paperweights a man can own. 

So this Father’s Day he’s getting the gift of time: lunch out and the afternoon off. 

Plus, a “bonus” present: intimate time with me for you know what. My husband will have a double smile knowing that this special gift comes at a great discount. It won’t cost us a cent.

By Kristy Lund


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Well done! My husband is also impossible to buy for. He is gracious and appreciative but more often grumbling about the cost and the fact that he didn't "need" whatever it was. His biggest gift to me was teaching me how to live within my means. His favorite holiday gifts to him are: nothing! He is thrilled that I only compulsively shop for myself and am more practical with him and the kids (on sale of course).
It is a good lesson- not buying things for things sake. Actually, I am going to buy him something today- a lotto ticket. He said he wanted $1M for father's day... :)
Thanks for your comment!
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