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Tuesday, May 13, 2008



My bathroom houses a miniature library of periodicals, from the literary to the political to the lifestyle-you-wish-you-had-but-don’t. For those private moments behind closed doors, my favorite leisure reading is Sunset magazine.

But not for the usual reasons. My home improvement skills end with changing light bulbs. I use the water shortage as an excuse to let my garden go to seed because I can’t tend to another living thing beyond my family. I don’t care for wine, let alone wine pairings. I am too poor for a kitchen makeover of thirty-thousand dollars, not counting the sweat equity. I am too outraged by budget vacations where the lodging options start at two hundred and ninety dollars a night--midweek.

And who has time to cook?

What I love about Sunset is that it has been quietly on the vanguard of gay rights for years. Readers are just as likely to find Craig and Jeff and their golden retriever in the sun-washed kitchen of their lovingly restored farmhouse as they are Tom and Judy sipping Chardonnay with guests on their new deck. A recent issue features Janie and Virginia and their eco-friendly paint company. As the reader drinks in room after room of sumptuous color in the photo spread of their Portland digs, it’s clear that these women are not just business partners.

While hate mongers fan the flames of bigotry among those who fear differences, Sunset quietly broadcasts that we are all the same. Well, almost the same. The couples in Sunset just have more disposable income and fewer dust bunnies on their gleaming hardwood floors than the rest of us.

As I read in the privacy of my own bathroom, I think of how irrelevant it is what others do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Besides, Craig and Jeff, Janie and Virginia, Tom and Judy probably aren’t doing much of anything. Like everybody else, they’re too exhausted from hauling dirt and lumber around, not to mention cleaning up after all those fabulous dinner parties.

Let’s hope the sun is setting on hatred and intolerance. Meanwhile, I’m going to grab my Sunset and fantasize about a better life to come--new kitchen cabinets, the perfect peach, and love and justice for all.

By Lorrie Goldin


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I love the surprise of this. So well-written, too.
I really enjoyed your post! I'm now motivated to reinstate my subscription to Sunset....:-)
They say our best thoughts come to us on the porcelain goddess:) I like how you weave in a relevant and important issue, juxtaposing it with the mundane and everyday.
And how draw us to the essential conclusion that we are all more or less the same - whether are bedroom walls are Montego Bay Blue or Safari Beige.
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