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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Brevity is the Soul of Wit

For the last couple of years, every question I pose to my now eight-year-old daughter no matter what, elicits the same answer: “because…”

Just that one word, “because,” in a tone that ranges from bored to sarcastic, and it’s gradually become the most irritating word in the English language.

“Why aren’t you wearing a jacket?”


“Why are there dried noodles hanging off my bedroom ceiling?”


“Why is the dog wearing your glasses?”


“Look,” I say finally, “you’ve had every advantage in life we could give you. We send you to a good school; make sure you get a good education. From the time you were in my womb I’ve read to you, and since then we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on books every year from the “ABC” books when you were a toddler to "Harry Potter" now.

"I have exposed you to art and culture, museums and classical music (stuff that makes even me yawn). You saw your first Broadway show at four years old, for God’s sake. I’ve paid for dance classes and piano lessons and art classes and craft classes of every kind.

“All this and more to fill your mind with creative thoughts and ideas, so you could grow up to be a well-articulated person, so that you could better express yourself. So, young lady, I think I deserve a better answer than because.”

“Why?” she asks blankly.

“Why?” I say incredulous. “Well… because…”

Aargh! Thwarted once again by the diabolical mind of a four-foot tall Wikipedia aficionado, who doesn’t know of a time before cell phones, and still believes in flying reindeer and the tooth fairy.

By Tania Malik


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We should get our 8 year olds together and then she will add an eye roll to her because repertoire.
Is 8 the new 13? Why are they so sassy at this young age?
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