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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Who's Parenting Who?

Eric is getting impossible to discipline. He beats me to the punch and takes away all of my fun.

After he gets an instant time-out for saying "stupid," "shut up," and/or "idiot" he gets sent to his room. His grand exit involves repeating the offensive word(s) with gusto and running to his room, locking it (it locks from the outside -- don't ask) and slamming the door behind him.

He is punishing himself. I didn’t even have time to put on my "mean mommy" face that usually accompanies my lecture.

"Okay, that's a double time-out!" I yell at his closed door. That will show him.

I feel slightly slighted.

I wanted the pleasure of escorting him to his room. I was all set to explain that we do not call names; that we need to use our nice language; that good behavior gets rewarded.

Whatever! This is his new favorite expression.

I try to enjoy the quiet. Where was that article I was trying to read before I was interrupted?

After ten minutes (the amount of a double time-out for the bad language and door slam) I go to release him. He is not interested.

“Go away!” he calls through the closed door.

“I want to be alone, please Mommy?”

Whatever. I unlock the door and go back to my magazine.

When he makes his re-appearance (sometimes even a half hour later) he is all smiles. "Sorry Mommy! Watch what I can do!"

He goes on to show me something new he discovered while locked in his room.

No more tears? How dare he sooth himself?

Are his self-directed time-outs actually working better than my constructive parenting?

By Cathy Burke


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