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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Dinosaur Extinction

The plate is at the top of the stairs, where we put stuff we’re ready to discard.

“That’s odd,” I think to myself. But things have ended up in stranger places when my husband unloads the dishwasher. He forgives my never remembering how to use the flash drive, and I forgive his never knowing where anything goes.

I put the plate back in the cupboard. My husband takes it out again.

“Do we really need this anymore?” he sighs.

“Yes!” I reply, a little too adamantly.

“See if you can move it somewhere else. It’s in the way.”

Smiling dinosaurs in bright colors chase each other around the plate’s rim. Three separate compartments enforce the First Commandment of Children’s Food: Thou Shalt Not Touch. Smooth melamine ridges segregate the applesauce from the mac and cheese. Suspicious interlopers like spinach are safely sequestered in their own tiny corral. The brave toddler who stomachs the two-bite portion is rewarded by uncovering twin baby triceratops frolicking with their delighted mom. She, no doubt, is also encouraging her offspring’s herbivorous adventures.

My wary toddlers are now 17 and 19. They favor fusion foods and can be trusted with dishes that shatter.

Still, I need this plate. The dinosaur era is one of the sweeter pleasures of parenting. What other passions appeal to both sexes, all ages, inspire awe, and transform a trip to the museum from torture into an adventure? Besides, I have packed so much away in packing my children off to adulthood; I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to the little green creature hatching out of its eggshell. Maybe our grandchildren will eat from this plate someday, discerning T-rexes from brontosauruses as they diddle with their vegetables.

My husband’s ready, though. He wants to clear out the cupboards to make room for what the children’s needs have obscured. What might we assemble together without all the clutter?

With one last fond sigh, I put the plate on the discard pile.

By Lorrie Goldin


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Lorrie, This is so true. We spend our family life collecting things needed for different ages and then needing to discard. More difficult is the accumulation from parents estate and things that are too valuable to just discard. Ilm always pleased when I can give things to a good home, but I think things have a way of finding a spot where they are appreciated. Most of the things I got as junk are now valuable antiques, It is easier to find a home for them as they are wanted. They have served their use for me and I always feel lighter, life is simplified when I give them away. Of course it is harder with the sentimental.
I enjoyed you writing.
Don't throw it away...pack it up..

Marianne Lonsdale
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