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Monday, February 11, 2008


Flight Change

A piercing scream rattled and silenced us all as a mother traveling alone with three young children boarded the plane, and headed toward the front as I breathed with relief.

I relaxed down into my snug seat breathing in the familiar dry, recycled air that would sustain me for the next ten hours. I had my front row seat near the middle of the plane, my headphones, plus an engaging book.

I was prepared and ready to enjoy my flight. On went my music and I disappeared.

Not long into the flight my comfortable front-row oasis became crowded with angry and surly people. At first I didn’t notice the crying, but the crowd cleared as a proud, classic and lean-framed woman carrying her crying child appeared, moving with the power and strength of a protective mother.

This woman sought out sanity and sat in a seat across from me reserved for the flight attendants. My heart filled with rage. How could she be so rude? I knew my manners were out of sorts so I silently glared through closed eyes. Couldn’t she disappear into a bathroom for blessings sake? My thoughts were rampant. I made eye contact with fellow travelers, all plagued with contempt. Oh my God, how he wailed and screamed. The misery was impossible to escape. Some people were blatantly rude, others just dealt with it.

The torture was unbearable.

She held that baby and walked the plane end-to-end checking in on her children then walking, walking, swaying, and bouncing. My eyes followed her and prayed for peace of mind. She sung and hummed lovingly. She kissed his little, soft head. She never once lost it and got angry; AT ANYONE, not her baby, her other children, not even the angry and avoiding eyes of her fellow travelers.

I was aware that I was witnessing something powerful and beyond my understanding. I didn’t know how to offer help. I don’t recall giving a smile. She wouldn’t have noticed anyway. They were safe and untouchable.

I was blessed with a gift on that flight. I am a mother now and that gift is that this woman has been my mentor and my teacher throughout this journey into motherhood.

I keep an alter in my sacred heart to the powerful experience of LOVE called motherhood, a much shorter trip than a long ten- hour plane flight.

By Thea Daniels


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