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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Delicious Dads

This is about my favorite dildos. Get your mind out of the sex shop! I am talking about my own Top Ten List of Dads I'd Like to DO!

I usually have a rotating list. I will be thinking about one guy 'till he wears the wrong thing. Or I will meet someone new and he will knock another one down a few pegs. Sometimes all it takes is a different haircut to change someone's status.

I love my husband, but that does not mean I don't think about other guys -- especially other dads. I am not sure why I find them so appealing. They are probably just as irritating, sloppy and human as my own husband. But still, there is that element of mystery. How are they different from my own spouse? Are they more tender lovers? Better kissers? Do they help put the kids to bed? Do they actually help with the laundry?

As I drop off and pick up my children at school, I check out these men. Some are parents of my sons’ classmates. One is a gym teacher. A few live nearby. I see them at the coffee shop or the supermarket. They are all sexy in their own way. Maybe it's a body type, or a great smile, a tight butt. Or perhaps it's a certain sense of humor.

I love the fantasy element because anything is possible. I imagine a liaison in a minivan. A stolen kiss at the park. A make out session against a rock while on a hike with our dogs.

I can't see myself actually acting on any of these crushes. First of all, I am friends with some of their wives. The reality could never match my imagination. And I would be so disappointed to have the tall, strong guy I see at Safeway throw his back out as he tossed me onto the bed.

I know none of these guys could ever really be better than my own husband. My mate is perfect for me in that I know and accept him for all of his good and bad qualities. I know exactly what I am getting. But still, I can't help drooling over these other men.

I picture them wandering around my house with no shirts, bringing me cocktails, fanning me, cleaning the bathroom.

Oh baby!

By Cathy Burke


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This is one of my all time favorite opening paragraphs!

And I knew it was you right away. Keep it up (intentinal innuendo)

Marianne Lonsale
This was hilarious. I love the stolen kiss in a mini van. Ahh, the life of a mom.
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