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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Cool Boys!

We were at the checkout-counter when my daughter, Mimi, spotted something she wanted.

"Look! It's the Jonas Brothers!!! Can I have the magazine, please, please, please?"

The Jonas Brothers are three siblings ages fifteen to eighteen that are one of the hottest boy bands on the planet. Mimi has watched them on TV and she saw them on the "Hannah Montana" movie.

Her request brought back a flood of memories. When I was a tween I would buy "16 Magazine" every month because it featured cute posters of boy musicians and TV stars. I remember the editor's name, Gloria Stavers. I already knew then that I wanted to be a writer. I would read each word carefully.

Then I would cut the cute boys' photos and tape them to the walls of my room.

"Please," Mimi said jumping up and down. "Please can I have it?" It was a Disney magazine. I said OK.

At home we opened the publication. "Look Joe Jonas!" Mimi screamed. He's the oldest brother and the lead singer. "And Nick Jonas!" He's a guitiarist and the youngest.

She got a pair of scissors, tape and cut their photos out, then adherred them to her walls.

I stared. She was doing the same thing I used to do. Only she's six.

I used to think I grew up young. Taking the train from Westport, Connecticut, into Grand Central and going to concerts in Central Park when I was 11 and 12. My friends' parents and my own were from New York where they grew up taking city buses, at, well, 6. It was never a big deal to them for us to take the train into the City to go clothes shopping or to see a concert.

That option isn't available to Mimi or her brother, Jay, 15. Safety is such an issue these days that childhood is overscheduled and parents overly-watch their children because we KNOW what's out there.

I have mixed feelings that Mimi is a little boy crazy. "Boys are dweebs," she says, while chasing after her old boyfriend, Ethan, while he tries to steal kisses and she hits him, then chases him when he ignores her.

She wants to be a singer like Miley Cyrus when she grows up. Mimi was quite upset the other day. When I asked what was wrong she was genuinely distraught. "How am I going to be a singer if I don't have a songwriter? Whose going to write my songs?"

"Sweetie, you can write your own songs. The most talented singers and musicians all do their own writing that way they can really express themselves. You can do it."

"What do I write?"

"Well, a lot of songs are about emotions. How people feel. Why don't you write about your feelings?"

Mimi grabbed a piece of lined paper, a pencil, her face scrunched into her work, and wrote: I love my family. I love mommy and daddy and Jay when he's not beeing a nerd, and Pikie and Paris. I feel emotion.

I will keep her first song lyrics forever.

This year its ballet and taekwondo. Next year she will take up an instrument and singing since that's what most interests her. I've always promised her and her brother that we'll try to give them whatever they want if something intrigues them so that it might develop into a passion. That has happened for Jay with taekwondo. I had writing from a young age. Mimi is very into art, but her new, unfulfilled passion seems to be singing.

After she saw the Hannah Montana movie I asked her what she thought. "Rockin," she said. This summer, when she should be reading fully, I will buy her a karokee machine.

As I pass her room and see paintings from pre-school on the walls and animals prints put there before she was born, Hello Kitty posters, and now photos from "High School Musical" and The Jonas Brothers, I can see her tastes and personality change.

I smile. My little girl is growing up. I can't wait to see what's in her future.

By Dawn Yun


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