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Thursday, November 22, 2007



A Thanksgiving I’ll always remember:

Ann was born! Scotty had died! What are we thankful for?

The children spoke differently that year. Perhaps for the first time.

They were aware that life and death were givens, were equal, were part of each other.
Grandpa Scotty was gone, but Ann was here, a newborn.

The beginning and end of life collided in time. Suddenly, all present felt blessed by both.

No elaborate ritualistic grace at this dinner. Always in our house we went around the table and said our “thank yous.”

Voices of eighty-year olds blended with voices of two-year olds and this year the occasional demanding cry of the newborn. We placed Grandma’s turkey on the table garnished by great-grand mom’s dressing recipe.

The “thank yous” began.

“I’m thankful for turkey,” said Jennifer.

“I’m thankful I’m alive,” reflected Heidi.

“I’m thankful for Ann,” purred Alison.

“I’m glad it’s Thanksgiving!”

Around the table we went.

We came to Helen, the bereaved widow. She raised her water glass and without a tear in her eye, and with great celebration, looked upward and proclaimed, “I’m thankful for you, Scotty, without you and what we created together, none of us would be here tonight. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

"We are blessed.”

By Ruth Scott


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