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Friday, October 12, 2007


The Upside

Today is just like any other day in the life of a stay-at-home mom, except today I decided to focus on the positive. I am not a follower of “The Secret” that is basically a well-polished update on an age-old philosophy, but I have used my own brand of “wagon-train” gumption, power of positive thinking to rescue me from some dark days.

Today, I was searching for a way out of the monotony of my own mind, so I pictured what it would be like to manifest the methods that I used to feel good about as a stay-at-home mom in the business environment that my husband lives Monday through Friday.

I pictured him stuck in the cubicle maze of gray walls and computer glare, trapped in meetings at work all day. I imagined him stuck inside the invisible wall created by the need for business-appropriate relationships and I wondered what it would look like if he could use the same tools as I did in my job.

For instance, he has hypothetically received “feedback” regarding an employee matter. He would just take it positively and move on because that is the kind of person he is, but if I were in his place I would brood over my error and I would be tempted to do as my three-year old does when he needs to be forgiven:

“Thanks for the feedback boss, now gimme my smooch.”

Now that I have picked myself up from laughing on the floor, I am flung back into the real world of frustrating moments of motherhood: not being able to stop myself from yelling at times, as well as the overwhelming amount of giving of myself. Sometimes I will temporarily take a recess from my own pity party and throw out the question to my boys:

“I need love. Who wants to give me some love?”

And you know what? Both boys will push each other out of the way to give me hugs and smooches. Aaah, that feels satisfying. Unfortunately, I have to meter this question or like most young kids, they will get tired of giving.

In fact, one day I will find only my youngest will run into my arms. Then one day, they will slowly saunter with a, “Do I have to?” And then one day, the most satisfying immediate gratification in my job of motherhood will stop. Yes, I know that there will be other ways that I will find gratification, but they will not be quite so immediate.

Until that day, I will use this tool to carry me through the monotonous, messy and outright exhausting tasks of motherhood, and try to focus on the upside.

By Jennifer O’Shaughnessy


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"I need some love." ...made a note of that for my future low moments. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes it makes sense to be aware of your mood and ask for some help from those you love to turn it around!
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