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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Up Selling

It’s hard for me to believe that I once made my living as a bargain expert. That one can actually do so is amazing.

I have lost my savings chops since having children. Now all I do is overspend.

I am trying to listen to my inner voice, my wisdom, my intuition.

It’s hard to pay attention to a shopping task when your children disappear and all you can think about are kidnappings and pedophiles.

I think sales people and others are in-tuned to a mother’s imbalance – and pounce.

Harried mom? Perfect customer! Up sell!!!!

I bought a camera for my husband tonight, today being his birthday, and found a good one on sale. The display camera was the only one left. But, it was an old model and they did have the newest one in stock – at $40 more. Then, to buy a 1 gigabyte card for it would cost another $40.

Under normal conditions, sans children, I might have argued that I was being penalized because they happened to be out of stock and couldn’t they give me a discount on another camera?

I was raised by my mother to do this so it is second nature. But with Mimi darting out of my view, and worry my prevalent emotion, being cool and logical, necessary for a discount, was not going to happen.

I went to the cash register and it was $50 more than I was told it would be. I could only handle so much.

My instinct told me to walk over to where the camera cards were displayed and look for something in the 512 MB range. I knew I could find it. But Mimi was playing with pens, telephones, trying to slide my credit card again and again through the machine.

The sales clerks said, “No worries. We’ll get the right one.”

Well it was $30 less, but when my husband opened it – it was for 2 Gigabytes. Too big.

But this is back story to my larger one: I must listen to my instincts. It is true that it is hard to stay focused when it involves children, but I have to learn to do so. I am not just wasting money, but valuable intuitive opportunities. And each one that I heed, builds on the one after it. If I want to progress, I must listen to my intuition.

Intuition is instinct based on experience. At this point, at this age, it should be automatic. If I stay present then hopefully, soon, it will be.

By Dawn Yun


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2 Gigs is not too big. It is becoming a standard and is just about right for those 2 weeks vacations. I would not buy anything less :)

Congratulations on the camera! :)
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