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Saturday, October 13, 2007



Making the bed is a metaphor for my life.

If I make it -- the day will go well. If I don’t -- bad things can happen.

I make my bed.

Since I can’t reach my stepson’s top bunk bed, I leave it undone. But I figure that since it’s up so high, I get a karmic pass.

I stop in front of my daughter’s bed. Her Hello Kitty! sheets and blanket are askew. The bed must be made. I arrange her stuffed animals at the end, tuck the sheets tight into hospital corners and take care to evenly spread the blanket.

As I sit on top of the bed, near the headboard, this is where the sheets and cover really need to be evened out. But I am overcome with the thought that rather than make them, I want to go under them.

I don’t have time for this. I have too many things to do. This is too much of an indulgence.

I lie on the bed and tuck the covers all around me up to my neck, and then I draw them over my head.

This is nice. I have time alone. Nobody knows I’m here.

I don’t have to deal with my stepson not doing his homework. I don’t have to explain to my daughter why I won’t buy her something/anything new. I don’t have to tell my husband why it was necessary for me to buy Nutri Min C skincare products rather than Costco ones. I don’t have to throw the ball to my cat. I don’t have to worry about my cancer. I don’t have to answer the phone. I don’t need to return e-mails. I don’t have to feel guilty about not writing.

I -- can -- just – be.


Or maybe not.

“Why are you under the bed like that?” my daughter, Mimi, asks. “Are you hiding!”


“Can I climb in with you?” she asks but doesn’t wait for an answer. Together we snuggle, in the dark, under the covers.

“I like to hide,” she says.

I do, too, but when you’re a mother -- it's not often that you get the chance.

By Dawn Yun


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like your post, Dawn. Being an adult is hard, no?
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