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Sunday, August 19, 2007



My children’s moods are like falling leaves. Just as I start to focus on a good one and appreciate its unique beauty, it has been crushed. I see myself as one of the long sticks they favor as toys. The more rigid I am, the more vulnerable I am to snapping.

If I can manage to be in the moment even (especially) knowing it probably will not last long, I can relax into it. I don’t like to get stuck on any one thing, whether I am enjoying it or not. This is probably a good approach to life as well: Don’t get attached.

I try not to make any promises in case they don’t come to fruition. Cars break down, people get sick. Sometimes an element of mystery to the day’s activity is necessary just to make it into the car with the only promise being “an adventure” so there can be no refute, “I don’t want to do that.”

I am constantly amazed by what my children regard as “fun.” Turn over any rock and the possibilities are endless. A search for dinosaur bones is never a waste of time.

So I say: “we’ll see” instead of yes or no. I try to consider more what I want to do because if I am happy it is easier to tolerate my children whether they are happy or not.

And sometimes, if I take long enough to prepare us for our “planned” activity, I find they are engrossed in something on their own involving not much more than being outside. So I pull out a book and read while they look at bugs until they are ready for a change of scenery.

And off we go!

By Cathy Burke


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