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Sunday, August 26, 2007


A New Computer

Today I will learn if my hard drive can be recovered, and I have to get my daughter ready to giddiup!

She has a cowboy party to go to complete with horsey rides.

Can I share with you how unthrilled I am about this?

I can only think about how behind I am on my work.

In the moriing I run and buy a new computer, the industrial design alone makes it worthwhile and drop it off at the computer recovery store.

I remind the owner that my life rests in his hands.

Then I play the guitar, badly, but with passion, and work out because I have to do SOMETHING so I don't worry about losing my life to my harddrive.

In the meamtime, it's stable time.

We drive to the party and the mother has done a wonderful job in creating a very imaginative party for her son who is turning five. There are horses, a petting zoo, a jumpie.

She is making us Marin mothers look rather bad when we only do one thing like I did for my daughter's birthday, which was to go to a gymnasium.

But I can't worry about that. Soon enough the party is over. My friend takes my daughter to another party so I can have a pity party about my hardrive.

I zoom to the computer store. He was able to recover all my all information by putting it on a disk!


I ask him how I transfer all that stuff on the disk onto my new computer. He said he didn't have time to tell me how to do that. He actually said that. Can you imagine? Didn't he just realize that I spent the afternoon with horses and manure. Could he not smell this? Maybe he could. And maybe that's why he wanted me to leave. After much prodding, I did get him to write down some directions.

He suggested that we could later schedule a tutorial where he might be able to teach me a few computer things. I told him I doubted it, paid, thanked him and left.

I went home to my husband practically in tears. He managed to install enough applications on the computer so I could recover a few e-mails and at least get a couple of blogs out, though I would have to write them on the fly, as I couldn't get into my files to recover some of the Writing Mamas' blogs.

That means I will be spending MANY hours Sunday trying to recover files. I will drink lots of coffee, away from from my computer, and I will take walks and remember to breathe. Because already the computer is acting kind of funky just writing this blog.

But I will be in the safety of my home. There will be no kids around. And my husband has seen me freak out many times, so this will be nothing new.

I'm so grateful for his patience and his computer abilities.

As for me, all I want is for everything on my computer to be back in its proper, comfortable place and for me to be able to write.

Come Monday, my wishes just may come true. That -- or I'll freak out.

By Dawn Yun


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I'm so sorry. Dealing with computer crap has replaced my hatred of taking the car in for repairs. I'm going to back up my computer right now!

Marianne Lonsdale
I can't even imagine how much writing you're salvaging. Good luck with the work ahead of you today -- go get 'em, tiger.
My computer died a long, why-didn't-we-seek-out-help-sooner death a couple months ago. Shoulda-woulda-coulda = investing in a second backup hard drive...which I will hafta-should-needto do! My utmost sympathies and a curse to the techno gods.
eeegads. good luck recovering your writerly life! Laura-Lynne
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