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Monday, August 20, 2007


The Impossible Truth

Is it possible? Can it really be true? Kids are out of camp. School is starting next week.

Summer is over?

It was gone in a blink.

We did a lot, tons of travel, fun with friends, visited relatives, but still.. . . it’s over.

I wish the clock could stop. That we can turn it back – like during daylight savings time – and just start the beginning of summer all over again. It would be like being on a movie set

Take Two!

But summer was not a dress rehearsal. It was putting off the inevitable. My stepson starts high school, in just four, short years he will begin college. And my daughter starts first grade. That means school is getting serious for both.

I must stay on Jay’s homework everyday and befriend his teachers. For Mimi ,I need to have a beginning talk with her teachers and let them know her talents and learn suggestions on how she might begin to read.

The school year is always filled with tension. Tension to do homework. To study. To get good grades. I do daily battle with Pokemon. If I could just find the guy who invented that concept I would let him know that there is NOT a place for him in heaven.

And stress. I must not stress over my kids’ grades. At least I will try. The stakes are higher this year. It also means I have to play the social scene and really work on making new play dates for Mimi.

This is high school all over again. I couldn’t wait to alight for college. But I will do anything for my kids. Even if it means taking a pretend avid interest in Brownies, class decorations and chapter books (like Mimi, I prefer books with lots of pictures).

I want Mimi’s last two days of school freedom to be memorable so yesterday, no sooner did she jump out of her Dad’s car from camping and leaped into mine. I surprised her with a grown-up manicure while Mommy got a pedicure. She choose sparkly nail polish and white flowers to adorn her dainty fingers. She is a princess.

I hope school goes well for both kids. There is so much pressure on children today. It’s not like the good old-school days when you could be a child left behind – and still pass.

Just two days of summer left before school begins. Until then they will do something that is becoming rather unique – the kids will be kids and they will play.

Until school begins we’re going to have one big, non-stop end of summer party. None of us wants to see it end.

By Dawn Yun


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