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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Coffee & Computters

Ready to write. The essentials are on my desk. A large glass of water. An even larger cup of coffee.

I had a bad feeling about that coffee cup. The handle is too large. There is too much space between the cup and the inside of the handle. Lately, I've been spilling things.

Too early for paranoia.

Finally, after months of being unhable to write, it is 6 a.m. and I am READY!

And then -- I'm not.

I was right about that paranoid feeling.

My hand reaches for the coffee cup and it falls over -- ALL over my computer. I can hear the sizzle. Just like steak on a grill.

The computer dies. An untimely death. I stare in disbelief. I actually hated this computer. The industrial design alone left me cold. But I could only sit and freeze at the reality before me. I had no computer?

I started hair drying the coffee (I later found out you are not supposed to do do this. For water yes, coffee, no.)

And I couldn't freak out. There were lunches to be made. Children to get off to school.

Later, three computer repair places later, I learned that it was time for a new computer. This actually made me happy. But the recovery of my life would have to wait. Could my hard drive be saved? By now it was late Friday and one place was open. I would have to wait until Saturday to find out if my life's work could be salvaged

By Dawn Yun


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