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Monday, May 07, 2007



As each day passes my daughter’s speech grows more pronounced.

She speaks well, but certain sounds are mispronounced.

Th comes out as an f. “Mom,” Mimi will ask. “can we go over Efan’s house?” (Efan is Ethan, her friend.)

Her tenses can also get jumbled. “Jay won’t do what me wants.”

Or, my personal favorite: “We go with they.”

When Mimi began kindergarten we were told not to correct our children’s verbal mistakes. Their egos can be so fragile.

Mimi does NOT like to be corrected on anything, anyway. When I try, she will say, “No, Mom, what I’m saying is the truth. (Actually, she says truf.)

Recently, I’ve gently begun to correct her speech, only we do it as an extension of an “award” she received in school. Every child in her kindergarten eventually receives one.

It read: For working so hard to sound out words in Writer’s Workshop. Great job, Mimi!

I put a frame around it and display it on our kitchen table.

When we sit there to do her homework, which she NEVER wants to do, I will point to the prize.

“You received this award for your pronouncing,” I’ll say. “We need to sound out our words, okay?”

Awight, Mom, as soon as me finishes this.”

“Mia!” I’ll say. Mia is her real name and when I say Mia, she knows I’m serious. Actually, I don’t think she knows. I just like to think she does. Saying Mia does not get her attention. The raising of my voice does.

“Okay, vic-tor-ee,” I’ll say

Vic-tor-wee,” she’ll say back.

I press my lips together so tightly I can feel my teeth. I find her mispronunciations beyond adorable.

One day she will have perfect phonetics. Until then, we will work togever, I mean, together, on getting her words just right.

By Dawn Yun

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