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Friday, April 11, 2008



Now that we have a high-deductible insurance, I am more than easily chagrined at every act of stupidity and self-destruction that my boys tend to conduct.

Like jumping off the table into the bed. The four-year old knew that when he just held his toe lying on the bed wailing quietly. I was no comfort: jumping off the desk is stupid! I wanted to have a look. He refused to show.

I started calculating the likelihood that the injury is serious and we have to go to the doctor. Or even worse, the Emergency Room. For today is Friday. And if we will not resolve it by the afternoon, we will have very few choices.

Two hours later, he still holds that toe. Unless he walks, I think, he will be alright. Unless he won’t, and then I will not forgive myself ‘till the end of my life.

He still refuses to show it. I just sit quietly next to him. At last, he volunteers.

“I have a problem.”

I nod. “Is it your toe?”

“Yes,” he says.

“Did you hurt it when you jumped off the bed?”

“Yes,” he says.

“May I have a look?”


“Do you think we should go to the doctor?” I am trying to involve him into the decision making.


“Do you think it will go away by itself?”


I am running out of options here. I try another one: “Do you think a Band-Aid will help?”


“So what do you think will help?” I ask calmly and sweetly, hiding the hurricane of emotions ravaging on the inside. I know this is an almost useless question for this son loves when we come up with solutions to his problems that mostly validate the solutions in his head. He answers to my relief:

“Two Band-Aids.”

By Dilyara Breyer


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Great post! I love it when an extra band aid can solve a medical emergency. Good job keeping your cool mommy!
Thanks Cathy!
I loved this, so cute! Hope that was all it took!

Yes, that was it. But sometimes one just does not know with those boys!

The last time my other one had a problem with his foot, it was weekend, of course! I decided to wait. He still walked! I could not just frivolously visit ER. A day and $$900 off our deductible later, when he still limbed, we found out that he twisted his ankle. I will never forgive myself for not taking him right away.

What they say - an American family is just one serious injury away from a bankruptcy.
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