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Friday, April 20, 2007



I’m driving the kids to school, maneuvering my way through strategic lane changes on Geary in San Francisco past Japantown. As I turn right on Gough and begin the long downhill descent, I have a clear shot at downtown, all the way to Market Street, where I notice a flashing red light and backed up cars in the middle lane.

Good to know, I think. I don’t want to be one of those poor slobs helplessly blinking left into a sea of unresponsive morning commuters.

I’m so proud of myself for the heads-up that I almost ram into the back of the silver Prius in front of me. Gotta keep their bumpers in full view, I remind myself, one of many rules drilled into me by my high school driving instructor, Coach Bernhardt.

That’s a lot like parenthood, I think. It’s easy to get lost in the future of our children. Whether we’re applying to kindergarten or planning a birthday party, we’re sometimes forced into a strategic planning approach to doing the best for our kids.

You need some of that long-term look to make sure you end up in a smooth lane ahead, that you’re on track to get to where you want to be. But we can’t forget what’s happening right up front, outside the windshield; these are the ‘now’ moments of Monopoly games, kissed knees and the strength to say “no” even when it hurts.

As Coach always said, “Keep your eyes open for what’s ahead, but don’t stop watching the bumper in front of you.”

By Kimberley Kwok

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