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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Anna Nicole

An American Tragedy, a tabloid dream: sex and death, then mystery about the child that came out of all that sex.

It’s a bloodsucking festival.

In the center of the story, though, what we found out was that this very drug/attention-addicted woman died from an infection. She died alone, from an easily treatable situation, combined with a level of downers that would keep a football team way out of it for a day or two.

What strikes me about this saga is the terrible moment in life that had preceded it. She watched her older child die during the safe cocoon days after delivering her first daughter.

Her baby’s father was fighting Anna Nicole over the one child she had left. Any sane and stable mother would have teetered near the edge in this melodrama.

What is heartbreaking is that there was no great feeling of surprise when I learned about the cause of her death.

Like those suspicious one car “accidental” deaths, I believe there is a quiet desire to follow someone you don’t want to live without that sometimes plays out, whether we are aware of engineering it or not.

In a passive, asleep way, one mother followed her son out of the world.

The gears of exploitation will continue to roll over Anna Nicole’s grave for awhile. I would like to offer a prayer to her, to remember her as just another person, with limited tools, trying to be happy in this world.

Another person who succumbed to her own heartbreak. We’ve all got enough brokenness in us to wish her some peace beyond this world.

By Avvy Mar

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