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Thursday, May 07, 2009


What Happened to Her?

When I went to Yahoo!’s home page a few weeks ago, something startled me. It was a picture of astronaut Lisa Nowak next to a bizarre headline about her attempting to kidnap the rival for her love.

I almost jumped out of my chair. I know Lisa! I went to high school with her in Rockville, Maryland. We ran on the track team together. I remember her as smart, ambitious, and very competitive. In her senior year, Lisa won the prestigious student-athlete award and told us that all she wanted to do was fly.

Her dreams came true this past summer when she flew on the space shuttle. I watched her on TV and cheered her on. I hadn’t been in contact with her since high school, but I was proud of her. Look at what she’s accomplished! Particularly as a woman, and especially as a mom!
I could only imagine how incredibly hard it must have been for her to win that principal dream. So it was with utter shock that I followed the news of her drive across half the country to confront/attack someone in the manner that she did (in wig and trench coat, wearing diapers for the long drive, with pepper spray at the ready).

I thought, how could she have thrown away all that she worked so hard for with this one foolish act? How could she have allowed her emotions to overwhelm her reason?

Many theories were bandied about. None of us can say for sure what happened, but personally, I think she cracked, under tremendous pressure. And I’m deeply sad for her.
Being a modern day mom is a tough job. Just being responsible for other human beings is pressure. Raising them, more stress. Maintaining stability and love in your family, additional worries. Working full-time while meeting hundreds of obligations, incredible anxiety. Having a high-visibility career in a traditionally male industry, explosive demands.

Sometimes we moms are so busy we forget: We need to give ourselves breaks, take care of ourselves and each other. Release the pressure. Because we know what’s most important in the end, and it’s not having the moon and the stars, per se. It’s being able to share them with those we love.

By Cindy Bailey

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