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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Politically Correct Children's Foods

My older son, Paul, is obscenely tall for his age. At seven, he is almost up to my shoulder and I can attest to the fact that it is not the result of healthy eating. He wasn’t always this way. At two-years old he ate peas by the fistful. When we went out I valiantly packed my rice cakes (assuring him they were ”cookies” and quite a treat). I offered rolled up slices of non-fat turkey and cheese cut into shapes with mini cookie cutters. All was well until he got introduced to chocolate at a birthday party around the time he was three.

It was then that he turned to the dark side. Of chocolate. As a chocoholic myself, I was not unhappy about sharing my passion for the sweet. Together we baked cookies and I found it to be a helpful currency during potty training. And, of course, all of this coincided with the birth of his younger brother, Eric.

I wasn’t mashing baby food this time. I discovered Z bars and stopped making my own trail mix. But now, at seven, my son is out of control. Of course I have nobody to blame but myself. The other day he informed me that he could live on chocolate. Unfortunately, that is not exactly practical. Damn society and its health standards!

I try to refrain. I resolve to give him a balanced diet and I make sure to offer a great assortment of healthy food. We sit down to a home cooked meal as a family every night but every meal is a series of negotiations. It seems that every week another popular menu choice falls out of favor. “I don’t like steak anymore.”

Back when he was an only child I had time (and energy) to monitor every bite. But life is busier now and I don’t even have the desire to place as much importance on diet. I can only hope that this is a phase and that eventually he will eat more than the very greenest tips of a broccoli stalk.

Various studies show that bright colorful food is the healthiest. As long as that includes Pepperidge Farm Rainbow Goldfish -- I’m OK.

By Cathy Burke

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I think you're more than OK--and your son's well-being can only be enhanced by chocolate.

Your blog reminds me of a post-Thanksgiving incident from 25 years ago. Our overnight houseguest turned to my roommate, who was eating apple pie ala mode for breakfast, and said, "You're going to make a horrible mother." I defended her capacity for empathy and flexibility against his gross lack of same.

Needless to say, she's a wonderful mother.

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