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Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh, Shit

My son, Dane, came home from kindergarten and told me his classmate Nadia got in trouble at school. She’d said the "S-H-" word.

Nadia's from Romania and she’s a little older than her classmates. She’s also a bit rough-and-tumble, but harmless enough. I asked him what kind of trouble she got in and he said she had to run a lap.

Aubrey, my younger child, yelled from the other room, "What's the S-H- word?"

I sighed and leaned forward on my chair, trying to come up with some quick teaching points as Aubrey made her way to the room.

I knew full well they’d heard me say it before, but when Aubrey showed up, I started out carefully: "Well… it's a word people say that shows their frustration -- only it's just adults who use it, and they try not to use it very often. And,” I said, looking at each of them deliberately, “kids aren’t supposed to use it at all."

Pause. Calm response. "It's SHIT."

"Shit?" Dane asked. "She said SHUT UP. . ."

By Anjie Reynolds

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So F-U- Angie! (funny!)
I had a very similar situation when my daughter got in the car and said that Mariah had called Stephanie the "B" word. "Oooh!" I responded, "That's awful!" "Yeah. What is the 'B' word?" So I proceeded to talk about female dogs and how people shouldn't refer to other people in those terms, blah,blah... She and her brother listened and then she said, "Oh, I thought it was 'boring.'" I've outlawed that word in our household and I have to say, I'd rather hear "bitch" than "bored" any day. Great post!
my son thinks the s word is "stupid". but...he totally knows what the f word is. i know. i should be so proud!
Hilarious! :)
Angie that is great, short and sweet, and very funny Jen
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