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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When You Have Kids, You've Gotta Have Friends

I woke up last Thursday planning on taking my five-year-old daughter to school and then running a host of errands. As many spiritual teachers have said, “The universe laughs when you make plans."

My plan was shattered as my stomach lurched and I ran to the bathroom beginning a day-long devotion to the porcelain god.

The stomach flu had hit me with a vengeance. No warning, just a seven-thirty a.m. reminder that I am not in control of my own life. I staggered back to bed and croaked at Keith, my husband, “You have to take Miranda to school.”

He looked at me, thought for a second and smiled. “Of course, sweetie, you’re sick. But what does Miranda eat for lunch?”

I tried to answer but a stronger force, my stomach, made me run back to the bathroom. A few moments later, his head poked past the door and he asked the same question. At that point, I just gasped, “Anything she wants. Just give her whatever she wants.”

Pictures of chocolate cake, brownies, fruit rollups, and licorice sticks danced through my head as I imagined Miranda’s requests. But that was all wiped clean a moment later, and I was back in the moment with me.

After passing out for a few hours, I woke to the sound of my phone. My husband was on the line. “Can you pick up Miranda from school?” My sheet was soaked with sweat, my head spinning as I tried to sit up.

“I’ll see if I can get my girlfriend to do it. Otherwise, I’ll call you back.” I collapsed on my bed and barely managed to dial her number.

Luckily for me, I have friends who have children in the same grade. This one wonderful woman picked up Miranda and cared for her as I lay twitching in my bed. By evening, the worst was over and Keith had gathered up Miranda and brought her home.

As I lay in bed slowly recovering, I thought, “How do people without community do it? How do single mothers do it? I am so blessed. I am so blessed.”

By Georgie Craig

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