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Sunday, August 03, 2008


Mama and Dada Have Fun ALONE!

I left Zelda behind.

I left her alone for a week with my mother and stepfather who were generously willing to take care of her while my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Kauai.

When we planned the trip in February of that year -- it seemed like a good idea. By December, Zelda would be two, we would have the 10th anniversary milestone as an excuse, and no one would question our decision to travel alone.

As the time drew nearer, I sensed a part of myself wanting to stay home. But the tickets were booked, condo paid for and Mom was already in town.

We left the day after her second birthday party. And we did it up. The jumpy house, Tinkerbelle-theme invites, cake, the whole bit. I said it was all for her, but deep down, I knew it was really for me. And, I admit, it did help to assuage the guilt of leaving her behind for the first time.

The first day away I felt like I was missing my left arm. I was having phantom pains of holding her on my left hip and cradling her in my arms. I especially felt the absence on my chest where she likes to nuzzle and cuddle and give hugs before bed.

As we arrived in the eighty degree tropical weather of Kauai and watched all the families filled with excitement for their vacation, I turned to David and said, “I guess we could have brought her. Look at all these other families with small children. She would have liked it here.”

And then we saw him.

We were waiting for the shuttle to the rental car agency and there he was on the curb. The newly-arrived and already stressed-out Dad with the cumbersome Britax car seat, the Pak-n-Play, the multitudinous black bags, the stroller, all stacked up and ready to collapse like a deck of cards. I knew the thought going through his head: How am I going to carry all of this?

David and I spotted him at the same time, turned to each other and smiled knowingly.
“Nah,” we said. “It’s really okay that she’s not here.”

We gathered our small carry-on bags that were only weighted down with bathing suits and the resurrected sexy lingerie. It was going to be a great week.

By Katie Stein


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What a wonderful article.

All the best.

Uncle Mike - : - )
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