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Saturday, January 03, 2009


What to Do When You've Got TOO Much to Do?

I used to be so ambitious. I don’t mean regarding my career path, but rather my daily To-Do List.

I dared to put actual projects on the list that would take planning, shopping, organizing, actual doing! Somehow, these things never got crossed off of my list. No, they would just get transferred day after day, week after week, ultimately year to year. I may as well have written down reorganize our health care system.

Now I have my 10 by 10 List. Ten things I like to complete by ten a.m. If I can do these things, I feel like I have already accomplished so much.

1) Send both my kids off happy. If I know I send them off with everything they need, including a good lunch, I feel less badly about the fact that they have already watched at least an hour of TV and that their daily breakfast is an unlimited supply of frozen waffles from Costco.
2) My sit-ups. I often have to hide in the bathroom to do these.
3) Load the dishwasher. This involves first emptying the dish rack, then emptying the full dishwasher, followed by putting the dishes away. And finally remembering the dirty dining room table and retracing my steps.
4) Feed the dog. If there is not a can started I get to investigate leftovers and expiration dates in the meat drawer for options.
5) Walk the dog. This can be the highlight of my day if I have plenty of time or a big pain if I am rushed.
6) Take a shower. Never underestimate a good shower.
7) Answer e-mails. These can change the course of my day in a few clicks.
8) Straighten up. My standard is: would I be mortified if someone unexpectedly showed up at my door?
9) Laundry. I do a minimum of two loads a day. I find if I start early, I can prevent my dirty clothes from reproducing in my laundry basket.
10) Leave my house! If I managed to complete everything above I am entitled to do something just for me.

Like plan an immediate trip to Peet’s Coffee for a mocha. I wonder if I have time to get a pedicure before school pickup.

By Cathy Burke

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Listes are useful. However I had never thought of making a list of doable things, instead of have tos. Beginning the day with a feeling of accomplishment that you have determined yourself, is an excellent idea. A niche to work on there!
Have a happy and creative 2007!
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