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Monday, November 17, 2008


Libraries are a Disneyland for Moms

I smile to myself as I recall my latest trip to the library. I did not have to physically remove either child. There were no outbursts. I leave with four dinosaur books, two magic school bus videos, two "People" magazines, and four novels.


I realize I am optimistic checking out four books for myself. And four non-fictions at that. I usually have one novel, one parenting book, one book of non-fiction, and several magazines within reach at all times. What I read depends upon where I am at the time and how much time I think I have.

My husband thinks that all I do is read. How I wish that were true! The truth is he usually catches me in the midst of a ten to fifteen minute break between my endless treadmill of chores.

There are very few things that I can do for less than fifteen minutes that result in satisfaction. A twenty-minute nap or a snack of chocolate comes close, but reading is a sure thing. I can accomplish so much within such a short time frame. I can visit with old friends, meet new ones, learn something new, or revisit a favorite topic.

I can read anywhere. I can sit on my porch, in bed or on a nearby couch while my kids look at their own books.

I can escape without really being gone.

I am glad my kids share my love of reading. Even at twlo, my son Paul would memorize his board books and appear to be reading them by himself. Now he can read on his own. When we go to the library he heads straight for his favorite section and chooses his own books. Then he follows me upstairs where I can get something for myself. Later we can curl up together and read our books.

I love the library!

By Cathy Burke

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