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Sunday, October 19, 2008


We Wuv When They're So Cute and Huggly

My son is only hugs years old and yet he has mastered the complex emotional satisfaction of a hug.

Jacob has a language delay that basically means his words lack articulation, so when he says anything clearly -- I am thrilled.

One week ago he began to say, “Give hug” as he walked towards me, arms open, and squeezed with emphasis upon contact. I equated this to modeling and that he was just hugging because he sees others do it, including me to him about twenty times a day.

Yesterday, he approached me, head down, arms at his sides and clearly said, “Need hug.”

Who knows how long this adorable being has been in touch with his emotions? He was actually aware of his needs; he knew the difference between giving and needing a hug. Predicting his need has been my job so far, as well as following through with the appropriate fix.

I appreciate the clarification of his emotional independence that comes with the ability to express his needs with words. I definitely underestimated him. I am amazed at how self-aware he is at three. A hug is a clear, physical form of communication, but distinguishing between giving and needing is emotionally complex.

He goes that much further sharing his hugs with his four-year old brother Jack and Daddy.

That makes me a proud mama.

I don’t mind him gaining independence: I just hope the hugs last forever.

By Jennifer O’Shaughnessy
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how lovely! thank you for sharing this with us. what a sweet boy you have. Laura-Lynne
I love this! There is a difference between giving a hug and needing one. Kids are so much more aware than we usually think. That is great that you are so in tune with your boys and can appreciate and nurture their self awareness. And their sweetness!
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