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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


China, Get Your Adoption Shit Together

When you think about it – China has always been an anomaly.

A power-hungry, deeply insecure and insanely controlling government that actually cared enough about their parent-less children to give them to those who deeply longed to be their parents.

Not anymore.

Now the government is saying that with some sixty-five hundred Chinese children adopted annually, they are running out of babies and kids to give away.

In a nation of zillions, with a policy of one child per family and a government that favors boys over girls, not enough kids?

No, that’s not the real reason. The real reason is that the Chinese government only wants a certain type of person to adopt their children.

If you are under fifty, disease-free, make a certain amount of money, and, my very personal favorite, have only a certain amount of body fat -- then you can adopt from China.

No doubt that last requirement is to ensure that Chinese children are not given to parents who like junk food. That is a very important characteristic for a potential parent.

People who hope to become parents go through an enormous amount of pain, money and time trying to adopt. Given that it can take more than a year to get your papers in order, do a home study, wait, be approved, and then fly there to get your child – one has to REALLY want to be a parent.

I know so many people, married and single, who have adopted from China. When I see them with their children, it is hard to see them without.

They have enriched and made whole their children’s lives, as their children have done for them.

Today they would not be able to adopt their own children.

How insane.

By Dawn Yun

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I like how this entry provokes thought on an issue the blogs typically haven't explored much yet. Thanks for publishing it.
And you have to wait so much longer nowadays too. I lived with a family in college who got their daughter at 3 months old. Now it's much longer of a wait.

Nice blog, makes you think. And body fat percentage?? I had no idea!
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