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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Not a Jock as a Kid But is One as a Dad

My husband sits in the row ahead of me, with the other Dads, at Little League night at the ballpark. He’s one of the guys, his Oakland A’s hat moving up and down as he roots for the home team.

Michael never played sports as a kid.

Felt like an outsider, like he didn’t know how to fit in with the sporty guys. He hung out with the juvenile delinquents, but didn’t really fit in with them, either. He’d call both groups boneheads and wonder if he’d ever find his own tribe.

Then he had a son.

He didn’t know his son would be his entry ticket. Nick’s not so sporty either but he wants to fit in with the boys.

So Michael helps him.

He’s been an assistant baseball coach for two seasons. A certified coach. Often scared he’ll be found out. That the other guys will figure out that he does not know what the hell he’s doing.

Tonight Michael is a jock.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder, talking baseball, yelling to the players on the field. Being parents has brought us into so many groups that we would not have been a part of otherwise. My eyes fill with tears as I watch my husband truly fitting.

There are so many benefits to parenting that are not obvious or expected.

By Marianne Lonsdale

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This is such a sweet piece, Marianne. It's stayed with me since I read it a few days ago.
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