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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


'Tis the Season to Shop Now and Worry About Bills Later

I forgot how good it feels to go shopping.

And to get things on sale.

As a former bargain shopping expert – I have to confess that I’ve spent the last five years paying full price.

It’s killed me. But it was always just easier to do so.

Before children I would take firm stands about saving money. I had principles. It was the rare item for which I paid full price.

But when you have children, easy often trumps savings.

This can get expensive.

But I think I am starting to see clearly. After age five children seem to be more self directed. They require less. And can spend more time on their own.

This means more shopping time for mom.

Last Saturday was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It was akin to a great glass of wine.

I think I bought two pairs of shoes, including a pair of Merrells, a couple of pairs of pants, two sweaters and a shirt for under $200.

Under $200!!!

I love the sound of ka-ching – when it goes back in my pocket.

I think it’s why I like shopping at Safeway. I love seeing the numbers add up to a total price, then I punch in my telephone number and – like instant karma, instant savings. Last time I saved $19.86, plus I had a holiday $10 off coupon. That meant I saved $29.86!

It was joyous.

Of course, I have no idea how much the prices are normally inflated – but still!

The truth is, while I’m back to my bargaining ways, this being the Christmas season, there is still so much more money to be spent.

And sales to take advantage of. With some of the fifty-percent off, plus store-wide, take an extra eight-percent off sales, stores are practically giving us money back.

During the holidays it just feels more acceptable to spend with a sort of abandon. Add a glass of wine to your power shopping and you add another element – euphoria.

It's the holiday season. The one time of the year when one can shop now, get an amazing sale, and worry about bills  later.

By Dawn Yun

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