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Thursday, January 22, 2009


New Age Zen Master Is Four-Years Old

I was gardening in the backyard one day, picking the dead geranium flowers from the stems of the plant, when I noticed my four-year old son come outside.

He was kicking about on the lawn, lost in his own reverie, the way four-year old children often are.

I called over to him. “What are you doing, Aidan?”

“Oh, I’m just enjoying the journey,” he replied with the calm certainty of a Zen master.

What did he say? Did he just say I’m just enjoying the journey? Where the hell did he get that line? I couldn’t help but turn my head away and laugh to myself.

I imagine he had seen Yoda say it in an episode of Star Wars. Or perhaps he heard a New Age woman in line at Whole Foods say it to the checker.

Wherever he picked up that wise saying, I found myself giving it some thought, and I looked at my little four-year old boy with new respect.

And then I went back to picking dead geranium flowers – and tried to just enjoy the journey.

By Lisa Nave

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See this essay I wrote many years ago. I think you will appreciate it, because it has to do with kids and lessons in the garden.

Mothering did not come naturally to me. Enjoying nature with my kids has been hugely helpful.

Isn't it great how kids often just flow into the next thing, whereas we parents can get stuck.

My kids have taught me so much...

Best of luck writing.
sorry, i forgot to include the web address of the essay:
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